186 Mudget Hill Road
Vassalboro, ME 04989

Two hogs winery opening

Maine has a great group of wineries and wines to choose from. In the past Maine's wineries have traditionally produced fruit wines. However, with the introduction of many hybrid varietals specifically developed to thrive in cold weather climates, this is no longer the case. Many of Maine's Wineries are now planting and producing great wines from these hybrid grapes.

Maine is surprisingly fertile territory for growing grapes. Two Hogs Winery makes wines mainly from Strawberry, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Acai, Cranberry, Lemon and of course Grape. We are open for tours where visitors can sample our creations (please call ahead 207-660-5594). No matter what part of Maine you visit, you're on one of our three Wine Trails. Taste our wines and other fine libations, sit down and chat with us, and relax...

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    Crisp apples in the orchard. Strawberries in from the field. Plums with bloom on their sour, purple skins. Raspberries fattened
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    Just because you regularly drink wine does not mean that you know how to correctly sample it. All experienced wine
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    Two Hogs Winery is located at 186 Mudget Hill Road in Vassalboro, Maine. Located North of Augusta and South of China,
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